How to Choose The Best Web Design Agency (8 Critical Questions)


Choosing The Right Web Design Company

Have you decided it’s about time to redesign your website?

Great! The question now is, how do you choose a good web design agency for the job?

Hiring a web design agency can be a lot like shopping for sneakers—a good fit will feel comfortable, look great, and last you for years to come. Whether you are designing your website for the first time or giving it a refresh, the right web design agency will capitalize on your development, digital marketing strategy, and company mission to get your business where it needs to go. 

With so many options, how do you know if a web design agency is the perfect fit for you? Here are eight questions that will help you choose. 


1. What Are Your Primary Goals When Redesigning a Website?

Naturally, every company has different ideas about their optimal growth and how they can achieve their company mission. Finding a web design agency that knows, understands, and respects your vision is the first step in creating a valuable website. Clearly identify your current and future goals in order to match your expectations with the services offered.

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2. How Will the Agency Meet Your Future Content Development Needs?

Decide on the type of relationship you want with your web design agency, and be clear about the beginning, middle, and end of that relationship. Will they manage certain content pages after the initial design process? 

If your future content development goals include ongoing updates (such as a blog, weekly videos, relevant maps, or updated graphs), who will provide this content? Find out if the agency provides a diverse group of writers, researchers, web designers, developers, and managers who are dedicated to meeting your goals. One other thing to consider: Are there other vendors or freelancers who can offer comparable prices for continued content management? Some web design agencies charge hefty monthly or quarterly payments for content management, which might not work with your long-term goals.

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3. What Is Their Preferred Content Management System (CMS)?

If a web design agency is compatible for you, they will use your current and future goals to choose the best content management system for your custom website. Decide who will control your website content after the design process is over. Make sure you and the agency are clear about which parts of your website you need to be able to update and customize without the agency’s assistance. 

If you have an in-house marketing team or graphic designer with knowledge of website design and implementation, you might choose a more in-depth content management system. However, if your intern needs to be able to make updates every month, you need a straightforward content management system that allows team members without in-depth knowledge to make changes easily.

As WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, our recommendation is to only work with a web design agency who builds sites in WordPress.

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4. Can They Create a Responsive Website?

It takes website users just 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) to form an opinion about your website, according to CXL. So, it’s crucial that your website works smoothly the moment a user lands on it. This is where responsive design comes in.
Are you creating a website that will primarily be viewed on mobile devices or is your audience mainly using a laptop? How will your website function for different devices? Asking about the agency’s approach to audience analytics is important as you decide what the responsive design needs of your website are.
Be sure to see examples of their best responsive design sites in each target size: laptop, mobile phone, and tablet.

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5. Do Their Designs Appeal to User Experience and Support SEO?

We all want a gorgeous website, but first and foremost we need a website that functions. You need to know that your web design agency will create a site that best serves the user. Not only does your website need to represent your company with the best visual design, it also needs to incorporate a seamless user experience (UX) and be congruent with search engine optimization (SEO). You also need to know that your web design was chosen with important factors, like company goals, in mind when deciding on the unique UX and targeted SEO you want to develop. 

The right web design agency will support your business goals with their website design by understanding where your business is now and how you desire to grow. With this in mind, you should, at any point in the development process, be able to ask your point of contact of the web design team why they choose each element of the UX design and how their SEO techniques will propel your website toward your goals.

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6. How Do Their Other Clients Feel About Their Website and The Results?

Ask any web design agency you’re considering if they would be willing to show you SEO ranking results from their other clients’ websites. As you review data from their SEO ranking results, you will see how the agency achieves its numbers.
Some web design companies offer additional SEO consulting, which may be especially helpful if you are still turning to Google for help with SEO. Ask about their search engine marketing plan and if they monitor trends with up-to-date and well-researched data. If they do, do they consult their clients accordingly with new trend information?

How else do they support their numbers? Do they have content optimization strategies, and do they analyze keyword rankings? Ask for client testimonials or case studies based off of prior projects. These are all important factors when it comes to figuring out if a particular web design agency is the best agency for you. Understanding how a web design agency uses data is important when learning how they will support your business.

knowing the type of industry

7. Do They Understand Your Industry?

If an agency doesn’t have experience in your industry, it’s not a deal-breaker, but take the time to know who else they work for. Do they tend to work within a certain industry? Are they experts with millennials, but have no idea how to speak to other age groups? An agency that works with a variety of industries and demographics may serve your needs better than one that specializes. Look for a variety of clients and designs to fully understand your agency’s capabilities, knowledge, and industry expertise. Talking to one of their current clients could also give you a sense of whether the agency is speaking honestly about their experience.

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8. Does Their Pricing Fit with Your Budget?

Money speaks just as much as experience and credentials. Does this company offer you a clear budget based on your needs?

Web design does not always come with a set price tag. The amount you’re charged usually depends on the number of services you desire, the number of webpages they design, pay per click options, and more. The best agency for you should be able to match your goals with a price range that fits your company.

Choose a Web Design Agency You Can Count on To Deliver

Feeling confident and comfortable with the design team handling your website development is key. After doing your research and asking the right questions, you will feel empowered to choose a company that can meet your goals with industry expertise and collaborative design.

Contact us here at Direction, and we’ll work with you to maximize your online presence, collaborate with effective SEO skills, and tackle your most challenging web design goals.

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