How NAP Audits Help Liven Up Your Local SEO Listings


Is your business lagging in local listings? You can rejuvenate sluggish search results by reassessing vital details. Learn how local  SEO depends on accurate NAP usage.

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Your NAP combines the top three details searchers want
  2. NAP inconsistencies can cost you valuable opportunities
  3. Interior and exterior store images complement NAPs and boost engagement

The term NAP is an abbreviation for “Name, Address, Phone Number,” but don’t let that mundane detail mask how important it is. That’s because keeping your business’s NAP accurate and consistent across the web is essential for local visibility. Increased conversion rates, both digitally and in person, are two of the benefits you can enjoy when you have your three most important business details covered. But, if they’re inconsistent, you could be in trouble…

This guide reveals the risks of an inconsistent NAP, how NAP audits work, and why investing in local SEO software can help you get noticed in your area.

Avoiding Costly Pitfalls With a Neat NAP

Single-location businesses need their NAP to be consistently accurate at all times. This goes double for business owners with multiple locations, whether those are in-state or elsewhere. The first danger is that conflicting NAP data can effectively make your business disappear; an online listing says you’re in one location, while in reality, you’ve moved somewhere else. Customers may write you off entirely, thinking you’re no longer operating.

Avoiding Costly Pitfalls with a Neat NAP

The next pain point of a poor NAP is how it impacts your local online citations (the important backlinks from other sites to yours). Quality backlinks boost your local web profile; inaccurate ones send you down the ranks. For example, a single instance of a changed phone number not being updated can cause your business to be labeled with Google’s “unreliable” stamp. This means opportunities that could have been yours go straight to the competition.

Aligning every NAP webwide gets more challenging the bigger your business is. An audit is a vital step toward bringing all your online contact details into harmony.

Getting your NAP in order requires a thorough audit of your webwide presence. You need to make sure your contact details are uniform across all directories, channels, and digital resources if you hope to impact local searches. This can be a major undertaking if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. So, before starting your NAP audit, check your online presence accuracy with our free tool. If your score isn’t green, then it’s time to improve your local listing information

The Four Steps of a NAP Audit

Think of a NAP audit as a spring cleaning for your online profile, with the bonus that you can perform one anytime you like. You can realize deeply positive results with only a handful of steps:

1. Review the Facts

Audits start by gathering all the facts about your current business. Double-check every contact detail and be willing to commit to them as your master NAP data. This is the list that will be used as a reference for all other online information.

2. Discover & Disable All Duplicates

Even the newest business can have multiple listings around the web. This can lead to repeated information, which is OK if it’s right, but SEO poison if it’s wrong. Conflicting details of any kind are an SEO drag, making them essential to find and remove, or consolidate.

One example is a business that may make subtle changes (either deliberately or by accident) to how it enters its name online. Audits root out every instance where your NAP appears so you can update double or incorrect entries.

3. Optimize Your Website’s NAP Placement

Website headers and footers are great places to add NAP details, as they’re among the first areas visually scanned by customers. Search engines need to be able to “feel out” your on-site NAP, meaning your website design should have it as clickable, and copy and paste-able information. Images of NAP details aren’t nearly as effective in your website’s header, footer, and contact page.

4. Splice In Some Schema

Savvy NAP auditors will tell you that adding a Google Schema markup will further help search engines discover your details. This is done via Google’s structured data markup helper, which lets you tag your business as a local service. Google also provides its own structured data testing tool, which lets you double-check that everything was input correctly.

NAP Audits for Local SEO

We mentioned above that images don’t perform well when it comes to optimizing your NAP. This is true when we’re talking about the letters and digits that make up your NAP on your website. Images do, however, play an important role in local SEO when they’re supporting street names and phone numbers on your Google My Business profile. So, be sure to include relevant images of your business to add credibility and improve the user experience.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Image

Your NAP gives customers three key details, but this is still purely written data. People respond strongly to visuals, and combining relevant images with text can increase customer recall by 650%. You can capitalize on this massive margin by adding only a few photos of your company’s interior and exterior. An article by Search Engine Journal reveals some stats every store should consider:

  • 1 in 5 web searches happens on Google Images
  • Image optimization can dramatically boost SEO
  • Image alt tags can impressively increase your online views

The free (and very useful) resources at Google My Business allow you to post pictures as part of your profile. Remember: Every business listing has an address. Interior and exterior images help embed yours as a unique presence in a viewer’s mind. Local searchers may have already seen you and will make that connection. Anyone unfamiliar with the area now has photos displaying what to look for at street level.

Be sure you don’t just pepper your web profiles with any old images. Ensure that they depict your business accurately, and have an SEO team optimize them.  

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